Development History


The establishment of Biotron

The establishment of Biotron, factory renovation, old workshop of Biotron upgrade, colloidal gold workshop, PCR laboratory, R&D room, quality inspection room decoration


It passed the system verification of FDA for the first time

Get two class I registration certificates (delivery medium, Amies)


Establish the instrument workshop, and upgrade the positive room and microtest room

The first Ⅱ products certificate (FOB)


For the first time through Ⅲ class system verification

Complete a Ⅰ class record (BRAF, KRAS)


High-tech enterprises cultivate storage, technology giant storage

Guangdong province tuberculosis scientific research and industrial technology innovation alliance member units, applied for 4 invention patents, 1 provincial subject, upgrade molecular research and development laboratory


POCT laboratory put into use, physical and chemical laboratory

Enterprise recognition: high and new technology enterprise, guangdong province abides by the contract and honors the credit enterprise

Topic/Patent: Guangzhou Science and Technology Plan Project, National Science and Technology Major Special Project of the 13th Five-Year Plan, applied for 10 invention patents

Certified products: 6 cleaning liquids, 2 sample density separation liquids, automatic nucleic acid extractor, FOB continued registration


Add microfluidic LABS

Enterprise recognition: Guangdong technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise, medical device business license, member of medical laboratory industry branch

Topic/Patents: National Science and Technology Major Projects in the 13th Five-Year Plan Period, obtained 7 authorization of invention patents and applied for 5 invention patents

Product certification:BRAF、TRF、BV

High quality that:FOB、BRAF、TRF、BV


Baochuang Zhuhai factory preparation

Guangdong Science and Technology Development Special Fund Project, Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation and Development Special Fund Project in 2019, has been proposed by Guangdong Engineering Technology Research and Development Center as Guangdong Microfluidic Biotechnology Engineering Technology Research Center


Obtained ISO13485 certificate

At the critical moment of the New Crown epidemic, the company launched the New Crown testing reagents and related products, registered them in MHRA in the UK, obtained the CE certificate of three New Crown products, entered the white list of the Ministry of Commerce, and allowed the export of the New Crown testing reagents