Company introduction

  • 2012years

    Founded in

  • 8500

    Covers an area of

  • 81people

    High-end R&D team

Guangzhou Biotron Technology Co., Ltd is located in the Enterprise Accelerator with beautiful scenery in Guangzhou, China. 

Founded in 2012, Biotron occupies nearly 8,500 square meters in Guangzhou Science City and 60,000 square meters in Zhuhai, including R&D and production bases. 

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Following 10 years of research and experience, a clinical testing product platform, POCT platform, molecular diagnostic platform, microfluidic platform, and immunohistochemistry platform have been established by our R&D team. We are focusing on POCT testing, molecular bio-diagnostics, prenatal and postnatal care, individualized tumor detection, rapid pathogen detection, drug resistance mutation detection, and immunohistochemistry. And we have applied for over 70 technical patents and the entire series of products have been installed in many medical equipment organizations.

We are inspired by the corporate vision –"Care for life, Build for excellency" and commit to providing high- quality in vitro diagnostic products.