The 18th International Laboratory Medicine and Blood Transfusion Instruments and Reagent Expo(CACLP)


The 18th International Laboratory Medicine and Blood Transfusion Instruments and Reagent Expo came to a successful conclusion. This CACLP is the flagship expo event for the in vitro diagnostic industry and a weather vane for the development of the in vitro diagnostic industry. The three-day industry event showed the world the world The rapid development of the diagnostic industry.

Biotron has been committed to providing high-quality in vitro diagnostic products. This conference will bring its main product lines: POCT series, molecular diagnostic series, pathology, clinical examination series and other "punch cards" in Chongqing and make a grand appearance. At the same time, the first academic event of the "Bao Chuang Lecture Hall" was opened, and the new path and new plan of respiratory pathogen detection were discussed and shared in the form of a special satellite conference, which won the active participation and extensive attention of industry peers.宝创展台全景.jpg

Biotron‘s POCT platform: DFIA dry immunofluorescence analyzer, excellent parameters, the detection item covers heart, inflammation, kidney disease and other markers, three models of high, medium and low, which can help medical institutions at all levels to develop projects and samples Flexible configuration of instruments with different channels.

Biotron Molecular Diagnostics series mainly exhibited the instrument platform represented by the nano-gold nucleic acid amplification detector and the integrated automatic nucleic acid detection system, as well as the multiple nucleic acid detection reagents for respiratory pathogens.

The nano gold nucleic acid amplification detector adopts the visual nano gold probe nucleic acid amplification detection technology, which has the advantages of small size, simple operation, easy maintenance, and fast running speed. Integrated automatic nucleic acid detection system integrates nucleic acid extraction, amplification, detection as one, a key operation, the real "sample inlet, the result out."